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This traditional sport is where it all started and we can help you learn and improve your skills.


Are kitted out and given a land lesson before trying it on the water! You will use a training bar next to the boat where your instructor can give you help as you waterski. Upon mastering the bar we move to the rope - you become more independent with a little more skill required. Don’t worry if you don’t get it straight away it takes everyone a few goes! The feeling when you get up for the first time will be worth it!

The next level

Once up on the rope and comfortable on two waterskis we will teach you how to steer and cross the wakes increasing your control and enjoyment.

Mono Skiing

We will teach you how to drop a ski and how to start on one ski, before learning to cut the wakes with the final goal of running the slalom course.

Slalom Skiing and the Course

At Loch Ken we have both a regulation size full and half slalom course. Our boat has an advanced speed control system (Perfect Pass Star Gazer). This enables a natural progression from completing the course for the first time to building up speed and eventually into competition skiing if you wish. Waterskiing is 1 to 1.

We teach complete beginners through to competition level skiers and look forward to taking you out on the water regardless of your skill level.


The newest and one of the most exhilarating sports - if you like any board sports (skating, snowboarding, surfing) you will love Wakeboarding.


Once kitted up we start with a land lesson and a discussion about which foot forward they may ride (Regular left forward, Goofy right forward). Then it’s onto the training bar before the rope behind the boat. Getting up for the first time feels fantastic!

The next level

We will teach you to cross the wakes both toe side and heel side, progressing into how to get some air, then moving onto Ollies, 180’s and switch riding. The satisfaction of learning your first trick or landing your first jump is immense!

Inverts and Spins

Once ready you can learn to go upside down and rotate through 360° in the air land and continue riding! Our boat has a tower and wedge to help you get maximum air time at this advanced/pro level. We will continue to help you improve and give advice and support should you wish to start competing! Wakeboarding is 1 to 1.


Available for all age groups this can be the perfect way to experience being out on the water for the first time. The ride can be as gentle or as exhilarating as required (depending on the rider’s confidence) and no skill is required! We take ringos out 2 at a time so you can share the fun! Maximum of 2

Banana Boat

This is a huge inflatable yellow banana that 5 of you can ride at once as we tow it over the waves and through the rough waters. The banana is very stable and you can request not to be thrown off, however working together as a team will reduce your chances of falling in! Suitable for 3 – 5 people.

Speed Boat Trip

If you fancy getting out on the water and going for an exhilarating and beautiful boat ride this is perfect for you. We take a high speed run towards the north of the Loch before gently cruising to the second island where you can view the top end of the Loch towards New Galloway. We turn here and head back towards the ski zone before putting the boat through its paces at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour and lots of sharp turns! Maximum of 5

Activities are suitable for all ages but dependant on your confidence level. We work on a basis of 4 sessions per hour, each session lasting 10 minutes on the water with 5 minutes change over time. Additional people may ride in the boat even if not taking part in the activity at no extra charge.

Professional Qualifications

We offer a full range of training and examination courses for both driver qualifications (Ski Boat Driver Award), the internationally recognised International Certificate of Competence Power Boat Driver, and Waterski and Wakeboard Instructor courses. These qualifications are issued by British Waterski who are the governing body in the UK.


All equipment is provided (wetsuit, buoyancy aid and any other equipment required water-skis/wakeboards etc), however if you do have your own equipment please feel free to bring it. We also recommend that you bring swimwear, towels and a warm jacket with you. Cameras and valuable items can be stored safely in the boat.

We also have a full range of new and second hand water sports equipment for sale. View the full range at www.jobesports.com

The Boat

We are proud to have a Malibu Response with Perfect Pass Star Gazer speed control, a tower, and wedge for wake boarding - providing the ultimate tow for all disciplines!

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2017 Prices

Adult ski or wakeboard:


Junior ski or wakeboard:



£15 (minimum 2 people)

Sofa & Banana

£10 perperson 3 people min

Speed Boat Trip:

£40 (up to 5 passengers)

Hourly Rate for inflatables:


Ski Boat driver Level 2 :


Membership and driving/instructor course prices on application

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